Monday, 16 December 2013

Berry Purple Skirt

I couldn't resist buying this skirt on Asos especially when it comes in this striking berry purple colour and matches my new statement necklace from Katiez Accessories (definitely a big ++). 
I love the shape of this skirt and I always find myself adding the same type of skirt to my basket whenever it comes in a different colour or print. I'm actually waiting for one in a textured white fabric that I backordered from Love Bonito. Now I'm eyeing another one in houndstooth print from Femme Elegante. Hubby better not read this :S He recently gave me a lecture on saving money. I better listen for once if I don't wanna get into trouble. I've shopped quite a fair bit lately, so I better stay away from all online websites for a while....they're too tempting especially with all the Christmas and year end deals :(

Femme Elegante shirt/ skirt/ Katiez Accessories necklace/ River Island shoes via


  1. Looove the color of the skirt, and your sandals are just gorgeous! XO

  2. love that skirt! so pretty


  3. love the skirt a lot especially the color since its my favorite color!