Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Cool Edgy Ear Cuff

Ear cuffs have become my latest obsession! Love how my cool and edgy ornated ear cuff adds an element of punk to my outfit. Ear cuffs are definitely giving other statement earrings a run for their money. Now I'm itching to buy more of them. Spotted an elf diamante ear cuff (see below) on the same website I bought mine from but I'm very indecisive about this one. It definitely looks super cool on the model and Christina Aguilera. However I'm kinda worried I'll end up looking like "Legolas"! Yay or nay for the elf-like one?

Femme Elegante top/ Zara shorts and heels ear cuffs and bangles


Photo credits: Google Images


  1. Great outfit :)

  2. those shorts are gorgeous! love the pattern!


  3. Love all the prints and the ear cuff is gorgeous!